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fantastic favas

getting a farm box every week has proved to be both wonderful and a tad arduous. wonderful for all the inspiration it has given me and arduous, since all your produce comes at once and needs to be washed and … Continue reading

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skinny creamed spinach

I have it bad! The sun is finally shining, the birds are singing, and my patio is screaming out for a BBQ. SPRING FEVER! My usual cravings for soup and roast chicken have moved aside for everything green. I’ve been … Continue reading

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winter pear salad

I’m pretty sure we all think of summer as the season for awesome salads, but in the heart of winter, there are just as many “in-season” fruits and vegetables to toss together and chase those cold weather blues away. This … Continue reading

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polenta please

my husband and i have decided to start out this new year with an entire month free of meat and booze. it sounded like such a good idea…lose some weight, break some bad habits, teach ourselves some discipline, yadda yadda … Continue reading

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simple veggie roast

i stopped blogging awhile back due to life interference. my husband and i were in the middle of buying a house and then i decided to get my real estate license. all interference, aside from my little oscar, has been … Continue reading

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perfect pickles

summer is finally winding down and, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for a way to preserve that sunny feeling and use all those veggies your friends keep dumping on you from their over-abundant gardens. pickling is the answer … Continue reading

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salad daze

as the days get warmer, here in the great northwest, and summer seems like a real possibility instead of a made up season, i become a salad fanatic. but as you can probably gleam, if you’ve been following my blog … Continue reading

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